Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sagre - Italian Oktoberfest

When does autumn really start? When Italian Oktoberfest begins!

The SAGRA is an Italian festival, organized in some towns, or regions, and is always linked to a local tradition or food celebrated in the course of the event. The end of summer marks the beginning of the grape harvest, so many festivals dedicated to wine are held in autumn. Sagre are still part of the Italian tradition, the real protagonist of the sagra is certainly food and good italian wine. Attending a sagra is a way to get a taste of Italian country life.

In Italy october has sunny days and cool nights, and beautiful autumn colors begin to appear across the country. October is also the month of the chestnut harvest and there are chestnut festivals all over Italy. What about a rich fall flowerbelt with acorns, rose hips, pines and buttercups to wear to special events during fall? Made of high quality textile flowers and nuts will be a great rustic accessory for many events and many years. Beautiful fall colors will worm up any of the classic end dull outfits.

If you are fall girl and want to be bride in autumn, this belt is ideal for you! It is perfect for Boho Brides and for all Rustic Fall Weddings. Highlight your vintage wedding dress with this rich yet simple accessory. Stunning fall colors will make your wedding look splendid <3

For many brides, there's truly nothing more romantic and beautiful than having a fall wedding.

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